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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Turn Me On Dead Man - The John Barrett Tapes
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeFull  No Disks2 Copies2
Original Release07/10/1999  CD Release07/10/1999 LabelVigotone
Catalog NoVT 178/179 Release StatusBootleg  
Collection of 1982 re-mixes by sound engineer John Barrett. Tracks 1-27 on disk 1 and tracks 28-46 on disk 2. Estimated release date known to be in July 1999. One copy is an authentic Vigotone release while the other is a fake.
Track Listing
1 From Me To You (mono mix in stereo) 0:01:58
2 From Me To You (stereo re-mix) 0:01:58
3 Thank You Girl (stereo mix of UK mono) 0:02:08
4 Thank You Girl (unechoed stereo mix) 0:02:05
5 One After 909 0:02:49
6 She Loves You (first UK fake stereo mix) 0:02:17
7 She Loves You (second UK fake stereo mix) 0:02:27
8 This Boy (stereo re-mix) 0:02:27
9 I'm A Loser (alternate stereo mix) 0:02:25
10 Mr. Moonlight 0:02:37
11 What You're Doing 0:02:05
12 That Means A Lot 0:02:47
13 That Means A Lot 0:00:28
14 That Means A Lot 0:02:28
15 That Means A Lot 0:01:13
16 That Means A Lot 0:02:10
17 That Means A Lot 0:00:24
18 That Means A Lot 0:01:46
19 That Means A Lot 0:00:56
20 Help! 0:02:18
21 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 0:02:08
22 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 0:02:28
23 12-Bar Original 0:00:33
24 12-Bar Original (re-mix) 0:06:51
25 Paperback Writer (re-mix) 0:02:20
26 Rain (re-mix) 0:02:54
27 Tomorrow Never Knows (alternate mono mix) 0:02:58
28 Strawberry Fields Forever 0:03:12
29 Strawberry Fields Forever 0:03:08
30 Penny Lane 0:03:09
31 Penny Lane (alternate mono) 0:03:00
32 Penny Lane (stereo re-mix) 0:03:01
33 A Day In The Life (re-mix) 0:05:07
34 Hello Goodbye (re-mix) 0:03:22
35 Lady Madonna (re-mix) 0:02:16
36 Hey Jude 0:02:42
37 What's The New Mary Jane (re-mix) 0:06:05
38 Step Inside Love 0:01:32
39 Los Paranoias 0:03:57
40 The Way You Look Tonight 0:01:12
41 Can You Take Me Back? 0:01:17
42 Shake Rattle And Roll (re-mix) 0:02:03
43 Miss Ann/Kansas City/Lawdy Miss Clawdy 0:03:55
44 Blue Suede Shoes 0:02:04
45 Cannonball/Not Fade Away/Hey Little Girl/Bo Diddley (stereo re-mix) 0:03:55
46 Because 0:02:16
42 'Essential' Tracks (of 46 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Blue Suede Shoes (1982 re-mix)PerkinsJP0:02:04
Miss Ann/Kansas City/Lawdy Miss Clawdy (1982 re-mix)Penniman/Johnson/Leiber/Stoller/PriceJP0:03:55
Los ParanoiasL/M/H/SP0:03:57
The Way You Look TonightL/MP0:01:12
From Me To You (stereo re-mix)L/MJP0:01:58
From Me To You (mono mix in stereo)L/MJP0:01:58
She Loves You (second UK fake stereo mix)L/MJP0:02:27
She Loves You (UK fake stereo mix)L/MJP0:02:17
Thank You Girl (stereo mix of UK mono)L/MJP0:02:08
Thank You Girl (unechoed stereo mix)L/MJP0:02:05
That Means A LotL/MP0:02:28
That Means A LotL/MP0:02:47
This Boy (stereo re-mix)L/MJPG0:02:27
I'm A Loser (alternate stereo mix)L/MJ0:02:25
Mr. MoonlightJohnsonJ0:02:37
What You're DoingL/MP0:02:05
That Means A LotL/MP0:00:28
12-Bar OriginalL/M/H/SInstrumental0:00:33
That Means A LotL/MP0:01:13
That Means A LotL/MP0:02:10
That Means A LotL/Minstrumental0:00:24
That Means A LotL/MP0:01:46
That Means A LotL/MP0:00:56
12-Bar OriginalL/M/H/SInstrumental0:06:51
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)L/MJ0:02:08
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)L/MJ0:02:28
Penny Lane (stereo re-mix)L/MP0:03:01
Rain (re-mix)L/MJ0:02:54
Paperback Writer (re-mix)L/MP0:02:20
A Day In The Life (re-mix)L/MJP0:05:07
Strawberry Fields ForeverL/MJ0:03:12
Strawberry Fields ForeverL/MJ0:03:08
Hey JudeL/MP0:02:42
Hello Goodbye (re-mix)L/MP0:03:22
What's The New Mary Jane (re-mix)LJ0:06:05
Lady Madonna (re-mix)L/MP0:02:16
Cannonball/Not Fade Away/Hey Little Girl/Bo Diddley (stereo re-mix)Eddy/Holly/Petty/Stevenson/Blackwell/McDanielJG0:03:55
Can You Take Me Back?L/MP0:01:17
Shake Rattle And Roll (re-mix)CalhounJP0:02:03

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