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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Give More Love
ArtistRingo Starr
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies2
Original Release09/15/2017  CD Release09/15/2017 LabelUniversal Music
Catalog No602557804164 Release StatusOfficial  
Track 13 by Ringo Starr and Alberta Cross. Track 14 by Ringo Starr and Vandaveer. All other tracks by Ringo Starr. Produced by Ringo Starr.
Track Listing
1 We're On The Road Again 0:04:23
2 Laughable 0:02:58
3 Show Me The Way 0:04:42
4 Speed Of Sound 0:03:45
5 Standing Still 0:03:06
6 King Of The Kingdom 0:04:35
7 Electricity 0:03:38
8 So Wrong For So Long 0:04:02
9 Shake It Up 0:03:01
10 Give More Love 0:04:00
11 Back Off Boogaloo 0:02:55
12 Don't Pass Me By 0:03:37
13 You Can't Fight Lightning 0:04:21
14 Photograph 0:03:35
14 'Essential' Tracks (of 14 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Show Me The WayS/LukatherR0:04:42
So Wrong For So LongS/StewartR0:04:02
King Of The KingdomS/Van Dyke ParksR0:04:35
Give More LoveS/NicholsonR0:04:00
You Can't Fight LightningSR0:04:21
Back Off BoogalooH/SR0:02:55
Don't Pass Me BySR/Rose Guerin/Mark Charles Heidinger0:03:37
PhotographH/SR/Rose Guerin/Mark Charles Heidinger0:03:35
Standing StillS/BurrR0:03:06
Speed Of SoundS/MarxR0:03:45
We're On The Road AgainS/LukatherR0:04:23
Shake It UpS/NicholsonR0:03:01

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