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Vinyl Details (Vinyl Details page glossary)
TitleLP: Let It Be (UK)
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeLP No Disks1  Copies4
Original Release05/08/1970 CountryUK  LabelApple
Catalog NoPCS 7096  Release StatusOfficial  
All tracks performed by the Beatles except tracks 2, 8 and 9 by The Beatles with Billy Preston. Tracks 1-7 on side 1 and tracks 8-12 on side 2. Part of The Beatles Collection box set Capitol/EMI BC-13 (CAP BS.3). Record label variation is APP 7096.SR2A. Jacket variation is APP 7096.SC2A. Second copy has label variation APP 7096.SR1A and jacket variation APP 7096.SC2A. Third and fourth copies are part of The Beatles Stereo Vinyl box set (2012) with one (unopened) US pressing and one European pressing.
Track Listing
1 Two Of Us 0:03:33
2 Dig A Pony 0:03:55
3 Across The Universe 0:03:51
4 I Me Mine 0:02:25
5 Dig It 0:00:51
6 Let It Be 0:04:01
7 Maggie Mae 0:00:39
8 I've Got A Feeling 0:03:38
9 One After 909 0:02:52
10 The Long And Winding Road 0:03:40
11 For You Blue 0:02:33
12 Get Back (album version) 0:03:09

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