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Vinyl Details (Vinyl Details page glossary)
TitleLP: More Beatles - Last Live Show
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeLP No Disks1  Copies1
Original Release01/01/1975 CountryUS  LabelLive
Catalog No501  Release StatusBootleg  
An inappropriate title since this is an account of the Shea Stadium concert from August 15, 1965 which was a year before the Beatles stopped touring. The album jacket incorrectly lists the first two tracks as I'm Down (track 1) and Interview(track 2). The correct track listing is given here. This recording is taken from a film account of the show and both the film and this LP are missing Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby which was performed at the show. A recording of this missing song appeared on the Anthology 2 CD. Tracks 1-4 on side 1 and tracks 5-10 on side 2. Estimated release date.
Track Listing
1 Twist And Shout 0:03:05
2 I Feel Fine 0:02:30
3 Dizzy Miss Lizzy (aka Dizzy Miss Lizzie) 0:03:30
4 Ticket To Ride 0:03:00
5 Act Naturally 0:02:46
6 Can't Buy Me Love 0:02:44
7 Baby's In Black 0:02:50
8 A Hard Day's Night 0:03:10
9 Help! 0:03:04
10 I'm Down (incomplete) 0:01:55

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