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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Shankar Family & Friends
ArtistRavi Shankar Family & Friends
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release09/20/1974  CD Release10/19/2010 LabelDark Horse
Catalog NoR2-525469 Release StatusOfficial  
Remastered in 2010 and included as part of a 3 CD/1 DVD box site titled George Harrison Ravi Shankar Collaborations. George Harrison produced this album for Ravi Shankar and plays acoustic guitar. Tracks 6 - 14 are music for a ballet titled Dream, Nightmare and Dawn.
Track Listing
1 I Am Missing You 0:03:45
2 Kahan Gayelava Shyam Salone 0:02:55
3 Supane Me Aye Preetam Sainya 0:04:15
4 I Am Missing You (reprise) 0:04:03
5 Jaya Jagadish Hare 0:04:54
6 Overture 0:02:33
7 Festivity and Joy 0:03:56
8 Love - Dance Ecstasy 0:03:13
9 Lust (Raga Chandrakauns) 0:03:13
10 Dispute and Violence 0:02:43
11 Disillusionment and Frustration 0:02:50
12 Despair and Sorrow (Raga Marwa) 0:03:04
13 Awakening 0:03:05
14 Peace And Hope (Raga Bhatiyar) 0:04:31
14 'Essential' Tracks (of 14 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Kahan Gayelava Shyam SaloneRavi ShankarLakshmi Shankar0:02:55
I Am Missing YouRavi ShankarLakshmi Shankar0:03:45
I Am Missing You (reprise)Ravi ShankarLakshmi Shankar0:04:03
Supane Me Aye Preetam SainyaRavi ShankarLakshmi Shankar0:04:15
Jaya Jagadish HaretraditionalJitendra Abhisheki & Chorus0:04:54
OvertureRavi Shankarinstrumental0:02:33
Festivity and JoyRavi Shankarinstrumental0:03:56
Love - Dance EcstasyRavi Shankarinstrumental0:03:13
Lust (Raga Chandrakauns)Ravi Shankarinstrumental0:03:13
Dispute and ViolenceRavi Shankarinstrumental0:02:43
Disillusionment and FrustrationRavi Shankarinstrumental0:02:50
Despair and Sorrow (Raga Marwa)Ravi Shankarinstrumental0:03:04
AwakeningRavi Shankarchorus0:03:05
Peace And Hope (Raga Bhatiyar)Ravi Shankarchorus0:04:31

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