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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Macca Oddities
ArtistPaul McCartney
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release00/00/0000  CD Release00/00/0000 Labelnone
Catalog Nonone Release StatusBurned  
Collection of Paul McCartney out-takes and special releases.
Track Listing
1 Band On The Run 0:03:49
2 Oh Woman, Oh Why 0:04:27
3 Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun 0:07:07
4 Junior's Farm 0:04:24
5 Suicide 0:00:35
6.1 You Gave Me The Answer 0:02:03
6.2 You Gave Me The Answer 0:02:10
7 Stranglehold 0:03:38
8 Flaming Pie 0:01:37
9 The Ballad of the Skeletons 0:06:56
10 Dance Tonight 0:02:58
11 Got To Get You Into My Life 0:02:56
12 Nineteen Hundred And Eight Five 0:03:48
13 Jet 0:04:16
14 Band On The Run 0:05:15
15 Let Me Roll It 0:04:42
16 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 0:01:22
17 Cruisin' Ahead 0:03:49
18 Back On My Feet (demo) 0:03:23
19 'Essential' Tracks (of 19 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Oh Woman, Oh Why MP0:04:27
You Gave Me The AnswerM/L. McCartneyinstrumental0:02:10
Junior's FarmMP0:04:24
Stranglehold M/StewartP0:03:38
Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun MP0:07:07
Flaming PieMP0:01:37
You Gave Me The Answer M/L. McCartneyP0:02:03
Dance TonightMP/Kylie Minogue0:02:58
The Ballad of the Skeletons M/Ginsberg/GlassAllen Ginsberg0:06:56
Got To Get You Into My LifeL/MP0:02:56
Band On The RunM/L. McCartneyP0:05:15
JetM/L. McCartneyP0:04:16
Let Me Roll ItM/L. McCartneyP0:04:42
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty FiveM/L. McCartneyP0:03:48
Band On The Run M/L. McCartneyP0:03:49
Have Yourself A Merry Little ChristmasMartin/BlaneP/Jimmy Fallon0:01:22
Cruisin' Ahead (aka Cruising Ahead)MP0:03:49
Back On My Feet (demo)M/MacManusP0:03:23

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