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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: At Home
ArtistJohn Lennon
TypeFull  No Disks2 Copies1
Original Release06/01/2009  CD Release06/01/2009 LabelHis Master's Choice
Catalog NoHMC008 Release StatusBurned  
A 2-disc set of John Lennon demos most of which are from the Dakota era. Disc 1 contains acoustic guitar demos and disc 2 contains piano demos. Tracks 1-22 on disc 1 and tracks 23-38 on disc 2. Estimated release date known to be in 2009.
Track Listing
1 Watching The Wheels 0:03:05
2 Knocking On Heaven's Door (aka Satire 1, aka Lord Take This Make Up Off Of Me)' 0:02:22
3 Dylan Satire 2 (aka It Sounds Like A Ballad To Me) 0:04:36
4 Dylan Satire 3 (aka More Satire) 0:00:47
5 Falling In Love Again (aka Lebenstraum) 0:01:27
6 Beyond The Sea (aka French Song) 0:01:08
7 Serve Yourself 0:03:50
8 She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain 0:01:03
9 Dear Yoko 0:03:38
10 I'm Stepping Out 0:02:59
11 I Don't Wanna Face It 0:02:08
12 Borrowed Time 0:03:59
13 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) 0:04:10
14 Grow Old With Me 0:03:07
15 My Life (aka (Just Like) Starting Over) 0:03:09
16 Woman 0:03:30
17 Say It Again 0:03:42
18 Nobody Told Me 0:03:57
19 Nobody Told Me 0:03:56
20 Nobody Told Me 0:03:56
21 I'm Losing You (aka Stranger's Room) 0:03:07
22 I Ain't Got Time 0:03:11
23 Grow Old With Me 0:03:07
24 Help Me To Help Myself 0:02:37
25 I Don't Wanna Sleep Alone 0:02:53
26 Now And Then (aka Miss You) 0:05:02
27.1 Cleanup Time 0:04:52
27.2 Cleanup Time 0:04:15
28 Watching The Wheels (aka I'm Crazy) 0:12:55
29 Serve Yourself 0:03:29
30.1 Memories (aka Memory aka Howling At The Moon) 0:04:30
30.2 Cathy's Clown 0:01:18
31 Real Love 0:04:42
32 She's A Friend Of Dorothy 0:03:26
33 My Life (aka (Just Like) Starting Over) 0:04:24
34 I'm Losing You (aka Stranger's Room) 0:06:01
35 I'm Stepping Out/Real Love 0:03:15
36 Mr. Hyde's Gone (Don't Be Afraid) 0:02:43
37 I'm Stepping Out/Real Love (aka Why Must We Be Alone) 0:02:40
38 Solitude (aka I'm Losing You (aka Stranger's Room) ) 0:05:33
29 'Essential' Tracks (of 40 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Now And Then (aka Miss You)LJ0:05:02
I Don't Wanna Face ItLJ0:02:08
Cleanup TimeLJ0:04:52
My Life (aka (Just Like) Starting Over)LJ0:03:09
Dear YokoLJ0:03:38
Watching The Wheels (aka I'm Crazy)LJ0:12:55
She's A Friend Of DorothyLJ0:03:26
I'm Losing You (aka Stranger's Room)LJ0:06:01
Memories (aka Memory aka Howling At The Moon)LJ0:04:30
Falling In Love Again (aka Lebenstraum)Hollander/LernerJ0:01:27
She'll Be Coming Around The MountaintraditionalJ0:01:03
Cathy's ClownEverly/EverlyJ0:01:18
Nobody Told MeLJ0:03:56
Serve YourselfLJ0:03:29
I Ain't Got TimeLJ0:03:11
My Life (aka (Just Like) Starting Over)LJ0:04:24
I'm Losing You (aka Stranger's Room)LJ0:03:07
Grow Old With MeLJ0:03:07
I'm Stepping Out/Real Love LJ0:03:15
I Don't Wanna Sleep AloneLJ0:02:53
Nobody Told MeLJ0:03:56
Say It AgainLJ0:03:42
Grow Old With MeLJ0:03:07
Nobody Told MeLJ0:03:57
Real Love LJ0:04:42
I'm Stepping Out/Real Love (aka Why Must We Be Alone)LJ0:02:40
Solitude (aka I'm Losing You (aka Stranger's Room) )LJ0:05:33
Cleanup TimeLJ0:04:15

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