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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Tel Aviv!
ArtistPaul McCartney
TypeFull  No Disks2 Copies1
Original Release00/00/0000  CD Release00/00/0000 Labelnone
Catalog Nonone Release StatusBurned  
Collection of audience recordings covering Paul's September 25, 2008 concert in Tel Aviv Israel's Hayarkon Park. Six songs are missing from the show: Only Mama Knows (after Drive My Car), Flaming Pie (after All My Loving), Let Me Roll It (after Flaming Pie), Let 'Em In (after My Love), Calico Skies (after Blackbird), and I Saw Her Standing There (after Get Back). Dance Tonight, Mrs. Vandebilt, I've Got A Feeling and Lady Madonna are incomplete. Bonus track 25 is live in Hamburg Germany on Dec. 2, 2009 and bonus track 26 is from a Saturday Night Live rehearsal on February 13, 1993. Tracks 1-13 on disc 1 and 14-26 on disc 2.
Track Listing
1 Hello Goodbye 0:04:34
2 Jet 0:04:01
3 Drive My Car 0:03:09
4 All My Loving 0:02:58
5 My Love 0:04:51
6 The Long And Winding Road 0:04:17
7 Dance Tonight 0:02:23
8 Blackbird 0:04:21
9 I'll Follow The Sun 0:02:24
10 Mrs. Vandebilt 0:02:59
11 Here There And Everywhere 0:02:33
12 Eleanor Rigby 0:02:49
13 Something 0:04:22
14 A Day In The Life/Give Peace A Chance 0:04:43
15 Band On The Run 0:05:11
16 Back In The USSR 0:03:09
17 I've Got A Feeling 0:02:42
18 Live And Let Die 0:03:31
19 Let It Be 0:04:08
20 Hey Jude 0:07:46
21 Lady Madonna 0:00:55
22 Get Back 0:03:47
23 Yesterday 0:02:42
24 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)/The End 0:04:25
25 (I Want To) Come Home 0:03:59
26 Get Out Of My Way 0:03:54
26 'Essential' Tracks (of 26 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Dance TonightMP0:02:23
Here There And EverywhereL/MP0:02:33
I've Got A FeelingL/MP0:02:42
Band On The RunM/L. McCartneyP0:05:11
Eleanor RigbyL/MP0:02:49
JetM/L. McCartneyP0:04:01
Hello GoodbyeL/MP0:04:34
Back In The USSRL/MP0:03:09
I'll Follow The SunL/MP0:02:24
My LoveM/L. McCartneyP0:04:51
Mrs. VandebiltM/L. McCartneyP0:02:59
The Long And Winding RoadL/MP0:04:17
All My LovingL/MP0:02:58
Drive My CarL/MP0:03:09
Get Out Of My WayMP0:03:54
A Day In The Life/Give Peace A ChanceL/MP0:04:43
Live And Let DieM/L. McCartneyP0:03:31
Let It BeL/MP0:04:08
Hey JudeL/MP0:07:46
Lady MadonnaL/MP0:00:55
Get BackL/MP0:03:47
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)/The EndL/MP0:04:25
(I Want To) Come HomeMP0:03:59

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