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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Wings Over America II
ArtistPaul McCartney and Wings
TypeFull  No Disks2 Copies1
Original Release12/01/1976  CD Release01/01/1992 Labelnone
Catalog Nonone Release StatusBurned  
CD set of the Wings show at the LA Forum on June 23, 1976 which was the last night of the 1975-1976 world tour. Much of this was used for the official Wings Over America set but this is without any subsequent studio overdubs and corrections. An audience recording with some hiss issues but not too bad considering. This is the complete show, with 2 bonus tracks. Tracks 31 and 32 are from the previous night's LA Forum show. Tracks 1-17 on disk 1 and tracks 18-32 on disk 2. Originally released on vinyl on estimated date in late 1976. CD release date is estimated.
Track Listing
1 Venus And Mars (aka Venus & Mars) 0:02:27
2 Rock Show 0:04:20
3 Jet 0:04:34
4 Let Me Roll It 0:04:12
5 Spirits Of Ancient Egypt 0:04:37
6 Medicine Jar 0:04:43
7 Maybe I'm Amazed 0:05:49
8 Call Me Back Again 0:05:53
9 Lady Madonna 0:03:19
10 The Long And Winding Road 0:04:25
11 Live And Let Die 0:04:48
12 Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me) 0:01:49
13 Richard Cory 0:03:32
14 Bluebird 0:04:26
15 I've Just Seen A Face 0:02:28
16 Blackbird 0:02:39
17 Yesterday 0:02:27
18 You Gave Me The Answer 0:04:11
19 Magneto And Titanium Man 0:04:03
20 Go Now 0:04:10
21 My Love 0:04:32
22 Listen To What The Man Said 0:03:58
23 Let 'Em In 0:04:39
24 Time To Hide 0:05:07
25 Silly Love Songs 0:06:10
26 Beware My Love 0:06:55
27 Letting Go 0:05:33
28 Band On The Run 0:05:57
29 Hi Hi Hi 0:03:21
30 Soily 0:05:34
31 Call Me Back Again 0:05:22
32 Beware My Love 0:05:26
28 'Essential' Tracks (of 32 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Let Me Roll ItM/L. McCartneyP0:04:12
BluebirdM/L. McCartneyP0:04:26
Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me)M/L. McCartneyP0:01:49
Call Me Back AgainM/L. McCartneyP0:05:53
JetM/L. McCartneyP0:04:34
Maybe I'm AmazedMP0:05:49
Venus And Mars (aka Venus & Mars)M/L. McCartneyP0:02:27
Rock ShowM/L. McCartneyP0:04:20
Spirits Of Ancient EgyptM/L. McCartneyP/Denny Laine0:04:37
You Gave Me The AnswerM/L. McCartneyP0:04:11
Magneto And Titanium ManM/L. McCartneyP0:04:03
I've Just Seen A FaceL/MP0:02:28
The Long And Winding RoadL/MP0:04:25
Richard CorySimonP/Denny Laine0:03:32
Go NowBanks/BennettDenny Laine0:04:10
My LoveM/L. McCartneyP0:04:32
Letting GoM/L. McCartneyP0:05:33
Beware My LoveM/L. McCartneyP0:06:55
Time To HideLaineDenny Laine0:05:07
Silly Love SongsM/L. McCartneyP0:06:10
Let 'Em InM/L. McCartneyP0:04:39
Band On The RunM/L. McCartneyP0:05:57
Hi Hi HiM/L. McCartneyP0:03:21
SoilyM/L. McCartneyP0:05:34
Call Me Back AgainM/L. McCartneyP0:05:22
Beware My LoveM/L. McCartneyP0:05:26

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