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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Please Please Me (2009 Mono Remaster)
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies2
Original Release03/22/1963  CD Release09/09/2009 LabelParlophone
Catalog No5099969945229 Release StatusOfficial  
Mono remaster of the original UK Please Please Me album with original mono mixes of all of the songs. The 1987 CD debut of this album also used the mono mixes. Part of The Beatles In Mono remastered 13 disc box set.
Track Listing
1 I Saw Her Standing There (UK mono mix) 0:02:50
2 Misery (mono mix) 0:01:46
3 Anna (Go To Him) (UK mono mix) 0:02:54
4 Chains (UK mono mix) 0:02:21
5 Boys (UK mono mix) 0:02:21
6 Ask Me Why (UK mono mix) 0:02:23
7 Please Please Me (UK mono mix) 0:02:00
8 Love Me Do (LP version/mono mix) 0:02:19
9 P.S. I Love You (UK mono mix) 0:02:01
10 Baby It's You (UK mono mix) 0:02:31
11 Do You Want To Know A Secret (UK mono mix) 0:01:55
12 A Taste Of Honey (UK mono mix) 0:01:59
13 There's A Place (mono mix) 0:01:47
14 Twist And Shout (UK mono mix) 0:02:32
12 'Essential' Tracks (of 14 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Please Please Me (UK mono mix)L/MJP0:02:00
There's A Place (mono mix)L/MJP0:01:47
Baby It's You (UK mono mix)Bacharach/David/WilliamsJ0:02:31
I Saw Her Standing There (UK mono mix)L/MP0:02:50
Chains (UK mono mix)Goffin/KingG0:02:21
Misery (mono mix)L/MJP0:01:46
Anna (Go To Him) (UK mono mix)AlexanderJ0:02:54
Boys (UK mono mix)Dixon/FarrellR0:02:21
Do You Want To Know A Secret (UK mono mix)L/MG0:01:55
A Taste Of Honey (UK mono mix)Scott/MarlowP0:01:59
Twist And Shout (UK mono mix)Medley/RussellJ0:02:32
Ask Me Why (UK LP mono mix)L/MJ0:02:23

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