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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Yellow Submarine (mono Odeon fake)
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release12/01/1999  CD Release12/01/1999 LabelOdeon (fake)
Catalog NoMW 153 Release StatusBootleg  
A collection of mono mixes from the Yellow Submarine film and bonus tracks. The release date is estimated but known to be in 1999 and assumed to be after the CD release of the Yellow Submarine Songtrack. Tracks 17-22 are bonus tracks.
Track Listing
1 Intro: Blue Meanies (speech) 0:00:36
2 Yellow Submarine (mono soundtrack mix) 0:02:35
3 Hey Bulldog (mono mix) 0:03:08
4 Eleanor Rigby (mono mix) 0:02:05
5 Love You To (mono mix) 0:03:13
6 All Together Now (mono mix) 0:02:08
7 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Yellow Submarine mono mix) 0:03:26
8.1 Think For Yourself (film intro) 0:00:08
8.2 Think For Yourself (mono mix) 0:02:16
9 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (mono mix) 0:02:00
10 With A Little Help From My Friends (mono mix) 0:02:42
11 Baby You're A Rich Man (mono mix) 0:03:07
12 Only A Northern Song (mono mix) 0:03:20
13 All You Need Is Love 0:04:17
14 When I'm Sixty-Four (slowed mono mix) 0:02:39
15 Nowhere Man (mono mix) 0:02:41
16 It's All Too Much 0:08:12
17 Tomorrow Never Knows (alternate mono mix) 0:02:58
18 Penny Lane 0:03:09
19 Strawberry Fields Forever 0:03:06
20 The Inner Light (mono mix) 0:02:34
21 Across The Universe 0:03:44
22 It's All Too Much (stereo film edit) 0:02:26
7 'Essential' Tracks (of 23 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
It's All Too Much (stereo film edit)HG0:02:26
Tomorrow Never Knows (alternate mono mix)L/MJ0:02:58
Penny LaneL/MP0:03:09
When I'm Sixty-Four (slowed mono mix)L/MP0:02:39
All You Need Is LoveL/MJ0:04:17
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Yellow Submarine mono mix)L/MJ/Dick Emery0:03:26
It's All Too MuchHG0:08:12

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