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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: The Traveling Wilburys Collection
ArtistTraveling Wilburys (George Harrison, w/Orbison, Petty, Lynne, Dylan)
TypeFull  No Disks2 Copies1
Original Release06/12/2007  CD Release06/12/2007 LabelRhino
Catalog No081227998240 Release StatusOfficial  
A compilation CD set containing the original Volume One album by The Traveling Wilburys plus 2 bonus tracks (disk 1 listed as tracks 1-12) and Volume Three by The Traveling Wilburys plus 2 bonus tracks (disk 3 listed as tracks 13-25). Also includes a bonus DVD (listed in video section of inventory) with a documentary feature and promo music videos.
Track Listing
1 Handle With Care 0:03:17
2 Dirty World 0:03:26
3 Rattled 0:02:57
4 Last Night 0:03:47
5 Not Alone Any More 0:03:22
6 Congratulations 0:03:24
7 Heading For The Light 0:03:46
8 Margarita 0:03:13
9 Tweeter And The Monkey Man 0:05:22
10 End Of The Line 0:03:24
11 Maxine 0:02:49
12 Like A Ship 0:03:30
13 She's My Baby 0:03:08
14 Inside Out 0:03:32
15 If You Belonged To Me 0:03:09
16 The Devil's Been Busy 0:03:14
17 7 Deadly Sins 0:03:13
18 Poor House 0:03:11
19 Where Were You Last Night? 0:03:00
20 Cool Dry Place 0:03:32
21 New Blue Moon 0:03:15
22 You Took My Breath Away 0:03:15
23 Wilbury Twist 0:02:54
24 Nobody's Child 0:03:27
25 Runaway (remix) 0:02:24
25 'Essential' Tracks (of 25 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Handle With CareTraveling WilburysG/Roy Orbison/Bob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:03:17
Dirty WorldTraveling WilburysBob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:03:26
RattledTraveling WilburysJeff Lynne0:02:57
Last NightTraveling WilburysTom Petty/Roy Orbison0:03:47
Not Alone Any MoreTraveling WilburysRoy Orbison0:03:22
CongratulationsTraveling WilburysBob Dylan0:03:24
Heading For The LightTraveling WilburysG/Jeff Lynne0:03:46
MargaritaTraveling WilburysBob Dylan/Jeff Lynne/Tom Petty0:03:13
Tweeter And The Monkey ManTraveling WilburysBob Dylan/Tom Petty0:05:22
End Of The LineTraveling WilburysG/Tom Petty/Jeff Lynne/Roy Orbison0:03:24
Nobody's ChildForee/CobenG/Tom Petty/Bob Dylan0:03:27
Inside OutTraveling WilburysG/Tom Petty/Bob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:03:32
If You Belonged To MeTraveling WilburysBob Dylan0:03:09
The Devil's Been BusyTraveling WilburysTom Petty/Bob Dylan0:03:14
7 Deadly SinsTraveling WilburysBob Dylan0:03:13
Poor HouseTraveling WilburysG/Tom Petty/Bob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:03:11
Where Were You Last Night?Traveling WilburysG/Tom Petty/Bob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:03:00
Cool Dry PlaceTraveling WilburysTom Petty0:03:32
New Blue MoonTraveling WilburysG/Tom Petty/Bob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:03:15
You Took My Breath AwayTraveling WilburysTom Petty0:03:15
Wilbury TwistTraveling WilburysG/Tom Petty/Bob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:02:54
She's My BabyTraveling WilburysG/Tom Petty/Bob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:03:08
MaxineTraveling WilburysG0:02:49
Like A ShipTraveling WilburysBob Dylan0:03:30
Runaway (remix)Shannon/CrookG/Tom Petty/Bob Dylan/Jeff Lynne0:02:24

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