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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Memory Almost Full (Deluxe Edition)
ArtistPaul McCartney
TypeFull  No Disks2 Copies1
Original Release06/05/2007  CD Release06/05/2007 LabelHear Music
Catalog No88072 30358 Release StatusOfficial  
Deluxe edition includes second disc with tracks 14-17 below. All other tracks included on first disc. Tracks 4-5 and 8-11 recorded in autumn 2003 before Paul's previously released Chaos And Creation In The Backyard CD. Paul is with his band on these tracks and the other newer tracks have him playing all the instruments. Produced by David Kahne.
Track Listing
1 Dance Tonight 0:02:54
2 Ever Present Past 0:02:57
3 See Your Sunshine 0:03:20
4 Only Mama Knows 0:04:17
5 You Tell Me 0:03:15
6 Mr. Bellamy 0:03:39
7 Gratitude 0:03:39
8 Vintage Clothes 0:02:22
9 That Was Me 0:02:38
10 Feet In The Clouds 0:03:24
11 House Of Wax 0:04:59
12 The End Of The End 0:02:57
13 Nod Your Head 0:01:58
14 In Private 0:02:09
15 Why So Blue 0:03:12
16 222 0:03:39
17 (speech - Paul talks about the music of Memory Almost Full) 0:26:04
16 'Essential' Tracks (of 17 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
In PrivateMinstrumental0:02:09
Nod Your HeadMP0:01:58
You Tell MeMP0:03:15
Mr. BellamyMP0:03:39
Dance TonightMP0:02:54
Ever Present PastMP0:02:57
That Was MeMP0:02:38
Feet In The CloudsMP0:03:24
Why So BlueMP0:03:12
The End Of The EndMP0:02:57
Only Mama KnowsMP0:04:17
Vintage ClothesMP0:02:22
See Your SunshineMP0:03:20
House Of WaxMP0:04:59

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