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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Complete Lost Lennon Tapes 22
ArtistJohn Lennon
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release12/01/1996  CD Release12/01/1996 LabelWalrus
Catalog No036 Release StatusBurned  
All tracks are bonus tracks not on the original vinyl release. Tracks 1-13 by John Lennon are from the soundtrack to the unreleased film by John And Yoko titled Clock. The remaining tracks are recorded in a hotel in Syracuse New York on John's 31st birthday and features Ringo and Maureen Starkey, Klaus Voormann, Neil Aspinall, Jim Keltner, Allen Ginsberg, Eric Clapton and others. Estimated release date known to be in December 1996.
Track Listing
1.1 Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) 0:01:54
1.2 Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) 0:00:40
1.3 Aisumasen (I'm Sorry) 0:01:40
1.4 Shazam! 0:01:20
2 Honey Don't 0:02:08
3 Glad All Over 0:01:07
4 Lend Me Your Comb 0:01:43
5 Wake Up Little Suzie 0:01:41
6 (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 0:01:42
7 Vacation Time 0:02:01
8 Heartbeat 0:01:31
9 Peggy Sue Got Married 0:01:13
10.1 Peggy Sue 0:00:56
10.2 Peggy Sue 0:01:37
11.1 Maybe Baby 0:01:53
11.2 Maybe Baby 0:00:32
12 Mailman Bring Me No More Blues 0:02:43
13.1 Rave On 0:01:12
13.2 Rave On 0:00:47
14 What'd I Say 0:03:19
15 Yellow Submarine 0:02:51
16 On Top Of Old Smokie 0:02:05
17 Good Night Irene 0:03:11
18 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 0:02:44
19 Like A Rolling Stone/Twist And Shout/Louie Louie/La Bamba 0:03:19
20 Bring It On Home To Me 0:02:47
21 Yesterday 0:01:46
22 Tandoori Chicken 0:02:23
23 Power To The People 0:00:49
24 Maybe Baby 0:02:53
25 Peggy Sue 0:02:56
26 Since My Baby Left Me (aka My Baby Left Me) 0:02:08
27 Blue Suede Shoes 0:03:02
28 Crippled Inside 0:01:10
29 Give Peace A Chance 0:03:09
30 Crippled Inside 0:00:32
31 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 0:01:53
32 Happy Birthday 0:01:03
33 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 0:00:17
34 My Sweet Lord 0:00:20
40 'Essential' Tracks (of 40 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Rave OnWestJ0:01:12
What'd I SayCharlesJR/others0:03:19
Peggy SueAllison/Petty/HollyJ0:01:37
Peggy SueAllison/Petty/HollyJ0:00:56
Maybe BabyPetty/HardinJ0:01:53
Peggy Sue Got MarriedHollyJ0:01:13
Yellow SubmarineL/MJR/others0:02:51
Mailman Bring Me No More BluesHollyJ0:02:43
Lend Me Your CombTwomey/Wise/WeismanJ0:01:43
Glad All OverSchroeder/Tepper/BennettJ0:01:07
Honey Don'tPerkinsJ0:02:08
Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)LJ0:01:54
Since My Baby Left Me (aka My Baby Left Me)CrudupJR/others0:02:08
Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)LJ0:01:40
Crippled InsideLJR/others0:01:10
Maybe BabyPetty/HardinJR/others0:02:53
Like A Rolling Stone/Twist And Shout/Louie Louie/La BambaDylan/Medley/Russell/Berry/traditionalJR/others0:03:19
My Sweet LordHJR/others0:00:20
(You're So Square) Baby I Don't CareLeiber/StollerJ0:01:42
Maybe BabyPetty/HardinJ0:00:32
Peggy SueAllison/Petty/HollyJR/others0:02:56
Give Peace A ChanceL/MJR/others0:03:09
Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)LJ0:00:40
Crippled InsideLJR/others0:00:32
Wake Up Little SusieBryantJ0:01:41
He's Got The Whole World In His HandstraditionalJR/others0:02:44
Bring It On Home To MeCookeJR/others0:02:47
Rave OnWestinstrumental0:00:47
Vacation TimeBerryJ0:02:01
Blue Suede ShoesPerkinsJR/others0:03:02
On Top Of Old SmokietraditionalJR/others0:02:05
Good Night IreneLedbetterJR/others0:03:11
Uncle Albert/Admiral HalseyM/L. McCartneyJR/others0:01:53
Tandoori ChickenunknownJR/others0:02:23
Power To The PeopleLJR/others0:00:49
Uncle Albert/Admiral HalseyM/L. McCartneyJR/others0:00:17
Happy BirthdaytraditionalJR/others0:01:03

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