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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCDs: AOL Sessions
ArtistPaul McCartney
TypeSingle  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release00/00/0000  CD Release00/00/0000 Labelnone
Catalog Nonone Release StatusBurned  
Paul did a session performance exclusively for AOL (America Online) to promote his new album and upcoming tour. The coverage was only available officially for a limited time on AOL's web site. It was recorded at the Hit Factory in Miami FL where Paul was preparing for his US Tour kickoff on some estimated date most likely in August or early September 2005. The tour kicked off in Miami on September 16th. Paul performed with his line up of Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, Paul 'Wix' Wickens and Abe Laboriel Jr.
Track Listing
1 Fine Line 0:03:01
2 English Tea 0:02:09
3 Let It Be 0:03:52
4 Follow Me 0:02:43
5 The Long And Winding Road 0:03:35
6 Friends To Go 0:02:39
4 'Essential' Tracks (of 6 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Friends To GoMP0:02:39
English TeaMP0:02:09
The Long And Winding RoadL/MP0:03:35
Let It BeL/MP0:03:52

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