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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Ringo Rama
ArtistRingo Starr
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release03/25/2003  CD Release03/25/2003 LabelKoch
Catalog NoKOC-CD-8429 Release StatusOfficial  
Track Listing
1 Eye To Eye 0:03:17
2 Missouri Loves Company 0:03:32
3 Instant Amnesia 0:05:12
4 Memphis In Your Mind 0:03:13
5 Never Without You 0:05:24
6 Imagine Me There 0:03:55
7 I Think Therefore I Rock And Roll 0:03:28
8 Trippin' On My Own Tears 0:03:31
9 Write One For Me 0:03:14
10 What Love Wants To Be 0:03:03
11 Love First, Ask Questions Later 0:04:44
12 Elizabeth Reigns 0:03:57
13.1 English Garden 0:02:15
13.2 I Really Love Her 0:01:00
14 'Essential' Tracks (of 14 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Eye To EyeS/M. Hudson/S. Dudas/D. GrakalR0:03:17
Love First, Ask Questions LaterS/M. Hudson/G. Burr/D. GrakalR0:04:44
I Really Love HerS/M. HudsonR0:01:00
Memphis In Your MindS/M. Hudson/G. Burr/S. Dudas/D. GrakalR0:03:13
Instant AmnesiaS/M. Hudson/S. Dudas/D. GrakalR0:05:12
Write One For MeS/M. Hudson/G. BurrR/Willie Nelson0:03:14
Elizabeth ReignsS/M. Hudson/G. Burr/S.Dudas/D. GrakalR0:03:57
English GardenS/M. Hudson/G. Burr/S.Dudas/D. GrakalR/Barbara Starkey, Buster, Monty, Mr. B0:02:15
Trippin' On My Own TearsS/M. Hudson/G. Burr/D. GrakalR/Shawn Colvin0:03:31
What Love Wants To BeS/M. Hudson/G. BurrR0:03:03
I Think Therefore I Rock And RollS/M. Hudson/D. Grakal/P. SantoR0:03:28
Missouri Loves CompanyS/M. Hudson/S. Dudas/D. GrakalR0:03:32
Imagine Me ThereS/M. Hudson/G. BurrR0:03:55
Never Without YouS/M. Hudson/G. NicholsonR0:05:24

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