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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: McGear (2019 expanded edition)
ArtistMike McGear
TypeFull  No Disks2 Copies1
Original Release10/14/1974  CD Release07/26/2019 LabelCherry Red Records/Esoteric Recordings
Catalog No5013929475540 Release StatusOfficial  
Paul McCartney and Wings joined forces with Paul McCartney's younger brother Michael to create this album recorded between Jan.3 - Mar 10, 1974. This expanded re-issue of the McGear album contains the original 10-track album (plus two singles tracks as bonus material - tracks 11-12) on CD1. Paul McCartney and Wings contribute to all tracks on CD1. There is also a 19-track CD2 that contains more bonus tracks. Tracks 13-16, 23 and 29 on CD2 contain contributions from Paul McCartney as well. A DVD with interview material and a promo video for the single track Leave It is listed in the video disc section.
Track Listing
1 Sea Breezes 0:04:30
2 What Do We Really Know? 0:03:50
3 Norton 0:02:37
4 Leave It 0:03:46
5 Have You Got Problems? 0:06:17
6 The Casket 0:04:20
7 Rainbow Lady 0:03:28
8 Simply Love You 0:02:48
9 Givin' Grease A Ride 0:05:35
10 The Man Who Found God On The Moon 0:06:37
11 Sweet Baby 0:03:41
12 Dance The Do 0:03:00
13 Sea Breezes (without orchestra) 0:04:39
14 Leave It (unedited) 0:06:42
15 Dance The Do (rough first mix) 0:03:51
16 What Do We Really Know? (monitor mix) 0:03:52
23 Blowin' In The Bay 0:02:31
29 Let's Turn The Radio On 0:03:10
18 'Essential' Tracks (of 18 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Rainbow LadyM/McGearMike McGear0:03:28
Sea BreezesFerryMike McGear0:04:30
The CasketM/McGoughMike McGear0:04:20
Simply Love YouM/McGearMike McGear0:02:48
What Do We Really Know?MMike McGear0:03:50
NortonM/McGearMike McGear0:02:37
Leave ItMMike McGear0:03:46
Have You Got Problems?M/McGearMike McGear0:06:17
Givin' Grease A RideM/McGearMike McGear0:05:35
The Man Who Found God On The MoonM/McGearMike McGear0:06:37
What Do We Really Know? (monitor mix)MMike McGear0:03:52
Blowin' In The BayMcGearMike McGear0:02:31
Sea Breezes (without orchestra)FerryMike McGear0:04:39
Dance The DoM/McGearMike McGear0:03:00
Sweet BabyM/McGearMike McGear0:03:41
Leave It (unedited)MMike McGear0:06:42
Dance The Do (rough first mix)M/McGearMike McGear0:03:51
Let's Turn The Radio OnMcGearMike McGear0:03:10

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