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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Flowers In The Dirt (Deluxe 2017 remaster)
ArtistPaul McCartney (with Elvis Costello)
TypeFull  No Disks3 Copies2
Original Release06/05/1989  CD Release03/24/2017 LabelCapitol
Catalog No602557244236 Release StatusOfficial  
CD 1 (tracks 1-13) contain the original album. CD 2 (tracks 14-22) contain original demos with Elvis Costello. CD 3 (tracks 23-31) contain studio demos. There is also a bonus DVD for this Deluxe Edition of Flowers In The Dirt. It is listed in the video section of this inventory. The deluxe edition also comes with a download card that provides 24-bit audio for disks one through 3 and additional tracks (b-sides, 12-inch mixes, etc.). These are listed separately on CD in this inventory as Flowers In The Dirt (Bonus Music). Part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection.
Track Listing
1 My Brave Face 0:03:16
2 Rough Ride 0:04:42
3 You Want Her Too 0:03:09
4 Distractions 0:04:38
5 We Got Married 0:04:54
6 Put It There 0:02:07
7 Figure Of Eight 0:03:27
8 This One 0:04:09
9 Don't Be Careless Love 0:03:16
10 That Day Is Done 0:04:17
11 How Many People 0:04:10
12 Motor Of Love 0:06:10
13 Ou Est Le Soleil? 0:04:36
14 The Lovers That Never Were 0:03:58
15 Tommy's Coming Home 0:04:09
16 Twenty Fine Fingers 0:02:27
17 So Like Candy 0:03:29
18 You Want Her Too 0:02:40
19 That Day Is Done 0:04:16
20 Don't Be Careless Love 0:03:43
21 My Brave Face 0:02:40
22.1 Playboy To A Man 0:02:58
22.2 The Lovers That Never Were (Geoff Emerick Mix) 0:04:05
23 The Lovers That Never Were 0:03:50
24 Tommy's Coming Home 0:05:03
25 Twenty Fine Fingers 0:02:46
26 So Like Candy 0:03:48
27 You Want Her Too 0:03:19
28 That Day Is Done 0:04:21
29 Don't Be Careless Love 0:03:24
30 My Brave Face 0:03:29
31 Playboy To A Man 0:02:55
32 'Essential' Tracks (of 32 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Twenty Fine FingersM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:02:27
Tommy's Coming HomeM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:04:09
So Like CandyM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:03:29
You Want Her TooM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:02:40
Playboy To A ManM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:02:58
Don't Be Careless LoveM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:03:43
My Brave FaceM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:02:40
My Brave FaceM/MacManusP0:03:16
You Want Her TooM/Mac ManusP/Elvis Costello0:03:09
Don't Be Careless LoveM/Mac ManusP0:03:16
That Day Is DoneM/Mac ManusP0:04:17
Motor Of LoveMP0:06:10
Rough RideMP0:04:42
This OneMP0:04:09
Ou Est Le Soleil?MP0:04:36
We Got MarriedMP0:04:54
How Many PeopleMP0:04:10
Put It ThereMP0:02:07
Figure Of EightMP0:03:27
That Day Is DoneM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:04:22
That Day Is DoneM/Mac ManusP0:04:16
The Lovers That Never Were M/MacManusP0:03:50
Don't Be Careless LoveM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:03:24
Tommy's Coming HomeM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:05:03
So Like CandyM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:03:48
You Want Her TooM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:03:20
The Lovers That Never Were (Geoff Emerick mix)M/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:04:05
Playboy To A ManM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:02:55
My Brave FaceM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:03:30
The Lovers That Never WereM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:03:58
Twenty Fine FingersM/MacManusP/Elvis Costello0:02:46

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