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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Venus And Mars (Deluxe 2014 remaster)
ArtistPaul McCartney and Wings
TypeFull  No Disks2 Copies1
Original Release05/27/1975  CD Release11/04/2014 LabelConcord Music Group
Catalog No888072 35652 8 Release StatusOfficial  
2-CD/1-DVD Box set packaged with booklet and photos. Part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection. DVD is listed separately in Video Disc section. CD1 is the original remastered album (tracks 1-13). CD2 is bonus material (tracks 14-27).
Track Listing
1 Venus And Mars (aka Venus & Mars) 0:01:18
2 Rock Show 0:05:30
3 Love In Song 0:03:02
4 You Gave Me The Answer 0:02:14
5 Magneto And Titanium Man 0:03:16
6 Letting Go 0:04:32
7 Venus And Mars (aka Venus & Mars) (Reprise) 0:02:05
8 Spirits Of Ancient Egypt 0:03:03
9 Medicine Jar 0:03:36
10 Call Me Back Again 0:04:53
11 Listen To What The Man Said 0:04:01
12 Medley:Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People 0:04:20
13 Crossroads Theme 0:00:59
14 Junior's Farm 0:04:24
15 Sally G 0:03:41
16 Walking In The Park With Eloise 0:03:09
17 Bridge On The River Suite 0:03:11
18 My Carnival 0:04:00
19 Going To New Orleans (My Carnival) 0:02:07
20 Hey Diddle (Ernie Winfrey Mix) 0:03:51
21 Let's Love 0:02:05
22 Soily 0:03:57
23 Baby Face 0:01:42
24 Lunch Box/Odd Sox 0:03:55
25 4th Of July (aka Fourth Of July) 0:03:49
26 Rock Show 0:07:09
27 Letting Go (single mix) 0:03:36
27 'Essential' Tracks (of 27 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Junior's FarmMP0:04:20
Walking In The Park With EloiseJames McCartneyInstrumental0:03:06
Bridge On The River SuiteM/L. McCartneyInstrumental0:03:06
Sally GMP0:03:37
Venus And Mars (aka Venus & Mars)M/L. McCartneyP0:01:18
Rock ShowM/L. McCartneyP0:05:30
Love In SongM/L. McCartneyP0:03:02
Lunch Box/Odd SoxMInstrumental0:03:47
You Gave Me The AnswerM/L. McCartneyP0:02:14
Magneto And Titanium ManM/L. McCartneyP0:03:16
My CarnivalMP0:03:56
Letting GoM/L. McCartneyP0:04:32
Venus And Mars (aka Venus & Mars) (Reprise)M/L. McCartneyP0:02:05
Spirits Of Ancient EgyptM/L. McCartneyP/Denny Laine0:03:03
Medicine JarMcCulloch/AllenJimmy McCulloch0:03:36
Baby FaceAkst/DavisP0:01:42
Listen To What The Man SaidM/L. McCartneyP0:04:01
Medley: Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old PeopleM/L. McCartneyP0:04:20
Crossroads Theme (aka Crossroads)HatchInstrumental0:00:59
Call Me Back AgainM/L. McCartneyP0:04:53
Let's LoveMP0:02:05
Letting Go (single version)M/L. McCartneyP0:03:30
SoilyM/L. McCartneyP0:03:58
Going To New Orleans (My Carnival)MP0:02:07
4th Of July (aka Fourth Of July)M/L. McCartneyP0:03:49
Hey Diddle (Ernie Winfrey mix)M/L. McCartneyP/Linda McCartney0:03:51
Rock ShowM/L. McCartneyP0:07:09

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