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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Wonderwall Music (2014 Remaster)
ArtistGeorge Harrison
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release11/01/1968  CD Release09/23/2014 LabelApple
Catalog No0602537913954 Release StatusOfficial  
Remastered in 2014 for inclusion with The Apple Years box set. Track titles Glass Box and On The Bed are switched on the CD track listing and put in proper order here. Tracks 20-22 are bonus material.
Track Listing
1 Microbes (stereo mix) 0:03:40
2 Red Lady Too (stereo mix) 0:01:52
3 Tabla And Pakavaj (stereo mix) 0:01:04
4 In The Park (stereo mix) 0:04:06
5 Drilling A Home (stereo mix) 0:03:05
6 Guru Vandana (stereo mix) 0:01:04
7 Greasy Legs (stereo mix) 0:01:26
8 Ski-ing (stereo mix) 0:01:48
9 Gat Kirwani (stereo mix) 0:01:14
10 Dream Scene (stereo mix) 0:05:24
11 Party Seacombe (stereo mix) 0:04:29
12 Love Scene (stereo mix) 0:04:15
13 Crying (stereo mix) 0:01:13
14 Cowboy Music (aka Cowboy Museum) (stereo mix) 0:01:27
15 Fantasy Sequins (stereo mix) 0:01:49
16 Glass Box (stereo mix) 0:02:24
17 On The Bed (stereo mix) 0:01:07
18 Wonderwall To Be Here (stereo mix) 0:01:24
19 Singing Om (stereo mix) 0:01:53
20 In The First Place (2014 remaster) 0:03:13
21 Almost Shankara 0:04:56
22 The Inner Light 0:03:42
22 'Essential' Tracks (of 22 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Red Lady Too (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:52
Drilling A Home (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:03:05
Greasy Legs (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:26
Ski-ing (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:48
Party Seacombe (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:04:29
Cowboy Music (aka Cowboy Museum) (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:27
Microbes (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:03:40
Tabla And Pakavaj (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:04
In The Park (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:04:06
Guru Vandana (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:04
Gat Kirwani (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:14
Dream Scene (stereo mix)HIndian0:05:24
Love Scene (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:04:15
Crying (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:13
Fantasy Sequins (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:49
Glass Box (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:02:24
Singing Om (stereo mix)HChanting0:01:53
On The Bed (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:07
Wonderwall To Be Here (stereo mix)HInstrumental0:01:24
In The First Place (2014 remaster)Manley/AshtonG/Remo Four0:03:13
The Inner Light HInstrumental0:03:42
Almost ShankaraHInstrumental0:04:56

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