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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: Rubber Soul (The U.S. Albums)
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release12/06/1965  CD Release01/20/2014 LabelApple/Capitol
Catalog NoST-2442 Release StatusOfficial  
This is part of the box set The U.S. Albums and also sold separately. Tracks 1-12 are mono mixes and tracks 13-24 are stereo mixes. Tracks 6, 17 and 21 are taken from the original Capitol master tapes used on original copies of the US Rubber Soul LPs. The stereo tracks are using 1987 re-mixes prepared by George Martin that better centered the vocals and not the original Capitol masters used to make the original US Capitol stereo Rubber Soul LP. These same mixes are now part of the 2009 remasters. The mono mixes on the original Capitol LP used (with the exception of track 6) were the same used in the UK in the sixties and for the 2009 remasters.
Track Listing
1 I've Just Seen A Face (mono mix) 0:02:07
2 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (mono mix) 0:02:05
3 You Won't See Me (mono mix) 0:03:27
4 Think For Yourself (mono mix) 0:02:19
5 The Word (mono mix) 0:02:46
6 Michelle (US mono mix) 0:02:47
7 It's Only Love (mono mix) 0:01:57
8 Girl (mono mix) 0:02:32
9 I'm Looking Through You (mono mix) 0:02:30
10 In My Life (mono mix) 0:02:27
11 Wait (mono mix) 0:02:15
12 Run For Your Life (mono mix) 0:02:26
13 I've Just Seen A Face (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:02:06
14 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:02:06
15 You Won't See Me (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:03:21
16 Think For Yourself (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:02:20
17 The Word (US stereo mix) 0:02:47
18 Michelle (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:02:43
19 It's Only Love (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:01:58
20 Girl (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:02:31
21 I'm Looking Through You (US stereo mix) 0:02:32
22 In My Life (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:02:27
23 Wait (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:02:14
24 Run For Your Life (1987 stereo re-mix) 0:02:21
3 'Essential' Tracks (of 24 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
I'm Looking Through You (US stereo mix)L/MP0:02:32
Michelle (US mono mix)L/MP0:02:47
The Word (US stereo mix)L/MJPG0:02:47

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