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CD Details (CD Details page glossary)
TitleCD: The Early Beatles (The U.S. Albums)
ArtistThe Beatles
TypeFull  No Disks1 Copies1
Original Release03/22/1965  CD Release01/20/2014 LabelApple/Capitol
Catalog NoST-2309 Release StatusOfficial  
Tracks 1-12 and 19 are mono mixes and 13-18 and 20-22 are stereo mixes. Released as part of a box set called The U.S. Albums (and also sold separately). The mono reduced from stereo mixes of tracks 2-7 and 9-11 that were originally released on earlier mono copies of The Early Beatles LP have been replaced here with the originally EMI-prepared mono versions from the 2009 remasters. Tracks 1 and 12 consequently are duplicates on the CD as are 8 and 19. The mixes still sound nearly identical to the original releases.
Track Listing
1 Love Me Do (LP version/mono mix) 0:02:22
2 Twist And Shout (UK mono mix) 0:02:36
3 Anna (Go To Him) (UK mono mix) 0:02:58
4 Chains (UK mono mix) 0:02:26
5 Boys (UK mono mix) 0:02:27
6 Ask Me Why (UK LP mono mix) 0:02:28
7 Please Please Me (UK mono mix) 0:02:04
8 P.S. I Love You (UK mono mix) 0:02:05
9 Baby It's You (UK mono mix) 0:02:42
10 A Taste Of Honey (UK mono mix) 0:02:06
11 Do You Want To Know A Secret (UK mono mix) 0:02:01
12 Love Me Do (LP version/mono mix) 0:02:22
13 Twist And Shout (US stereo mix) 0:02:36
14 Anna (Go To Him) (US stereo mix) 0:02:58
15 Chains (US stereo mix) 0:02:26
16 Boys (US stereo mix) 0:02:27
17 Ask Me Why (US stereo mix) 0:02:28
18 Please Please Me (US stereo mix) 0:02:02
19 P.S. I Love You (UK mono mix) 0:02:05
20 Baby It's You (US stereo mix) 0:02:42
21 A Taste Of Honey (US stereo mix) 0:02:06
22 Do You Want To Know A Secret (US stereo mix) 0:01:57
9 'Essential' Tracks (of 22 tracks)
TrackWritten byVocalsTime
Ask Me Why (US stereo mix)L/MJ0:02:28
Boys (US stereo mix)Dixon/FarrellR0:02:21
Please Please Me (US stereo mix)L/MJP0:02:00
Anna (Go To Him) (US stereo mix)AlexanderJ0:02:54
Chains (US stereo mix)Goffin/KingG0:02:21
Do You Want To Know A Secret (US stereo mix)L/MG0:01:55
Baby It's You (US stereo mix)Bacharach/David/WilliamsJ0:02:31
A Taste Of Honey (US stereo mix)Scott/MarlowP0:01:59
Twist And Shout (US stereo mix)Medley/RussellJ0:02:32

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